“Vietnamese Goods – Japanese Quality”

We are the supporters in the information society. In any business field, the success of a company must be based on customer satisfaction and their reaction to the products of the company. With Chiroro – Net, an information technology service company in Japan, we support customers when using our products in the most flexible, professional way we can. Take a step back to take a great advance in the future, we are backers, who always bring the best services to customers.

Follow the first spiritual child’s will and success, Mr. Kyuma Ando (President of Chiroro-Net) has released his second spiritual child in Vietnam, Chiroro – Net Viet Co., Ltd. with 100 % of investment from Japan.

Chiroro-Net is a server hosting company, established in July 2000.We own data center in Kurashiki city, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.


Data center service
  • – Shared hosting service
  • – Virtual server service
  • – Delicated hosting service
  • – Public cloud service
  • – Cloud storage
  • – Clould backup
  • – Domain
  • – DNS
  • – SSL certificate
Web/Software Development
  • – Design
  • – Program
  • – Maintenance
  • – Decryption