Windows 10 – Outlook 2016

Please ask the administrator for the following information.
Email (= Account)
POP3 Server
SMTP Server
1. Choose “Manual setup” and click button “Next”.

2. Choose “POP or IMAP” and click button “Next”

4. Login to the management page with:
Your name Input your name.
Email address Input “Email”
Account type Choose “POP3”.
Incoming email server Input “POP3 Server”.
Example: ,
Outgoing email server Input “SMTP Server”.
Example: ,
Username Input “Email”
Password Input “Password”.
Example: test1234567890
And click button “More setting …”

5. Click on “Out going server”, check same photo and click button “Ok”.

6. Click button “Next”. If you success click button “Close” and “Next”.

7. Finish.